2nd ISOFAR scientific conference at the Organic World Congress in September 2008 in Modena, Italy

To carry home these heavy two volumes of ISOFAR’s 2nd Scientific Conference Proceedings might give rise to the question whether these books represent more mass than class and if they are still topical.

After all the author must wonder whether a contribution in a peer-reviewed proceedings volume is worthwhile when there is the alternative of publishing it in a highly ranked scientific journal with the same effort. Moreover, the editors as well as the numerous referees might have felt desperate at times due to the enormous amount of time and strength they invested to compile about 400 selected papers.

I would like to thank all of you for your effort. It was worthwhile since the reader now obtains a valuable overview of the current state of knowledge and research aims of the scientifically based Organic Agriculture which might be important not only for the scientist but also for all other stakeholders interested in the further development of Organic Agriculture.

I owe gratitude to all who contributed to coping with this laborious task. You have all done a tremendous job in contributing to foreseen successful scientific modules held under ISOFAR ́s and IFOAM’s joined conference/congress umbrella. Our collective hope is that these proceedings will represent a significant milestone on the road towards a better understanding of the potentials and effects capabilities of a scientifically based Organic Agriculture can have.

Prof Dr Ulrich Köpke President ISOFAR

Here you can download the proceedings: