ISOFAR / MOAN International Organic Farming Symposium in March 2010 in Sousse, Tunesia

Organizers of scientific symposia feel rewarded, if the timing of the event generate an additional value with respect to societal relevance. For the present symposium ‘Soil fertility and crop nutrition management in Mediterranean Organic Agriculture’ in Sousse, Tunisia, the frame conditions are certainly more than optimal. The Tunisian Government has recently decided to actively foster the development of Organic Agriculture (OA) by a set of measures including also the establishment of an adequate research infrastructure in the near future. Given that context a scientific symposium on OA is certainly more than topical. Nutrient management plays a key role for the successful management of organic farms. Both crop nutrient supply and long - term soil fertility are two pillars of equal importance for OA. Hence, some 30 oral presentations and another 25 posters will be dedicated to the various issues of nutrient management with a strong focus on organic fertilizers. 

Some contributions will also focus on indirect effects of soil organic matter management such us the maintenance or increase of the soil carbon level. Attentive reader will realise that many papers, although embedded in the regulatory system of OA, follow classical approaches with respect to methodology and objectives of research. The present book of abstracts is considered to be a modest source of information that may help to exchange ideas and to contact partners for future research activities. The Symposium has been organized by the Technical Center of Organic Agriculture (CTAB), the International Society of Organic Agriculture research (ISOFAR) and the Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network (MOAN). 

The organising institutions sincerely hope that the Symposium will not only be a beneficial and worthwhile source of information for you, but will also favour capacity building for the successful development of Organic Agriculture in Tunisia.

On behalf of the Editors

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ben Kheder 

Dr. Daniel N