A recent project, ORGFARMOB, aims at enhancing the adoption of organic farming in Nigeria by using mobile phones.

mobilespireThe ORGFARMOB project (www.orgfarmob.org) provides a mobile based organic farming training system, designed specifically for both small, medium and large-scale organic farmers. The organic farming training system is presently in English, but will soon be translated into three common ethnic languages in Nigeria.

The system delivers up-to-date information on organic farming practices to farmers with mobile phones. When fully operational, the tool will enable farmers to adopt organic farming practices with less assistance from extension officers.  

Orgfarmob is innovative and unique because presently there is no mobile platform for delivering agricultural extension services in Nigeria. The high proportion of small and medium scale farmers in the rural areas coupled with non-availability of internet services inspired the development of OrgfarMob. The rising awareness of the need to eat healthy and nutritious foods is also serving as a catalyst for the development of this tool.

The smart phone version of the OrgfarMob can be downloaded from the website of the  project. The next stage is to test the tool with registered organic farmers from the Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria (NAON).

Dr. (Mrs.) Oluwasenfunmi Arogundade  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +234 703 0700 561,
Department of Computer Sciences, College of Physical Sciences, Federal University of Agriculture,
Abeokuta, P.M.B. 2240 Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Nigeria