Just like the tiny yet sturdy little plant it takes the name from, the CAPSELLA project will deepen the roots of sustainability in agri-food systems by harnessing scientific and local knowledge, people’s and innovation skills around the theme of agro-biodiversity by making use of novel, improved and demand-driven ICT solutions.

CAPSELLA's main outcomes will be:
  • Innovative tailor-made data driven solutions for farmers, small communities, networks and clusters 
  • Open data driven innovation in the agri-food through a comprehensive open data catalogue 
  • A cloud based platform to support community based initiatives concerning biodiversity in agri-food systems and food quality
  • Concrete and bottom-up pilots and ICT applications for three different scenarios: Seed, Field and Food
Photo: The Capsella plant («Shepherds purse») belongs to the Brassicaceae (mustard) family.
CAPSELLA will engage with farming communities and networks, in order to understand and collect their needs and requirements through a buttom up approach. This way CAPSELLA will try to provide tailor-made solutions that hopefully address the issues of the farmers.
In this light, the project will held its first awareness raising workshop in Volterra, Tuscany on the 30 & 32 of May. Its scope is to bring together agrobiodiversity farmers, networks, clusters and stakeholders to raise awareness and collect their needs and requirements on ICT future solutions to be developed.

Giovanna Calabrò, Zephyr s.r.l.
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CAPSELLA Dissemination Manager