YPARD Iran works to develop Eco-friendly Agriculture and Green Innovations, which are relevant for ISOFAR. The main purpose is to make efficient use of the potentials of young professionals, in an association, for sharing innovative ideas worldwide. Empowering the youth to participate in national and regional decisions is another purpose.

Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) started its activities as an international movement in 2006. Since 2013, the Kimiaye Sabz Markazi NGO in Arak province has been the official representative of YPARD Iran.

Innovative Biofertilizers

The lack of inputs for certified organic agriculture complying with IFOAM standards, particularly fertilizers, has prompted the Iranian Young Professionals to look for innovative fertilizer inputs to organic fields and orchards. YPARD members in Iran have recently patented several inventions in the field of crop nutrition. Enriched Vermiwash is a complete fertilizer consisting of beneficial microorganisms, appropriate for fields, orchards and greenhouses. Enriched Vermiwash is a liquid fertilizer which can also be used in hydroponics, and inhibits diseases and pests.

Another innovation is an Aqua-phyto Bio-fertilizer production unit. This equipment is specifically designed and manufactured for greenhouses and novice farmers. The product is a soluble foliar bio-fertilizer which consists of available raw materials of plant origin, e.g. nettle leaves or aloe vera, and beneficial microorganisms which may be derived e.g. from fertile forest soil.

A main part of this fertilizer consists of Vermiwash enriched with fish pond waste. The mixture is sprayed on plants in accordance with nutrient demands and/or the presence of pests and diseases. The archetype of this device was produced in 2013 with International Patent Classification A01B:F01B. The quality of fertilizers has been evaluated by scientific experiments in field, greenhouse and orchards.

Aqua-phyto Bio-fertliser Production Unit 2

An Aqua-phyto Bio-fertilizer

Eco-friendly village

A model of an Eco-friendly village has recently been designed YPARD Iran and with experts from Tolooe Safar Zagros, Ganjine Sabz, Ehyagarane Tabiat, Kimiaye Sabz Markazi NGOs as well as Arak Organization of Agriculture Jihad. The model aims at achieving a favorable agricultural and residential environment in accordance with national standards. The project comprises renewable energy, climate-smart agriculture, healthy and organic agriculture, participatory guarantee systems, good agricultural practice standards, agricultural and domestic waste management, and training of villagers.

The educational and promotional section of this project, Eco-Club, promotes green products and conducts training workshops for empowering rural youth and women. Healthy and organic agricultural and processed products and handcrafts are sold to tourists, or sent to regional market, under standards developed by the Eco-friendly Village model. Experiences acquired in the village become accessible to the other farmers by the Eco-Club and on the Eco-friendly Village website: www.ksngo.org 

  1. Presentation of Eco-friendly Village Model in 27th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth 2015 held in Herrsching, Germany
  2. Aqua-phyto bio-fertilizer production Unit


Mohammadreza Davari,
Program Officer of YPARD Asia and Pacific
and YPARD Iran Representative
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