SUSPLUS project supports cooperation between eight European universities to develop, implement and widely disseminate innovative educational materials and methods in the subject of sustainable food systems.

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Photo: A common photo of the students and teachers from the SUSplus
summer course in Tatra mountais

There is a necessity for innovative and market oriented education in the EU that addresses sustainability as a cardinal issue. According to different studies, the most important qualifications and skills desired by European employers include general skills and knowledge, but also team working, communication-, analytical and problem-solving skills, foreign language skills and ability to adapt to the new situations. Analysis of organic labour market expectations conducted in 7 EU universities acknowledged these results and moreover showed the huge significance of practical expertise and the ability of graduates to innovate and create.

There is a strong demand for a change towards a more sustainable development in face of global population growth, resources limitations and growing public health disquiet. Most of these issues are severely afflicted by current unsustainable food systems. Therefore it is necessary to develop strategies improving sustainability of present food production and consumption models. Simultaneously there is a lack of the university didactic programs covering these issues.

Therefore the aim of the Susplus project is

to develop, implement and disseminate innovative teaching materials and methods in the topic of sustainable food systems; it is based on the cooperation of 8 European Universities. Susplus didactic activities are providing university students with the inevitable knowledge and skills supporting this important sector. We hope that it will increase the employment possibilities of the students.

The organic food system is presented as one of the models for increasing overall food production and consumption sustainability.

At the 1st SUSPLUS Conference, organized on 15th FEB 2018 at Biofach we discuss innovative teaching attitudes for sustainable development with an accent on organic systems. Results of a multi-country survey on student understanding as well as reports on e-learning and a summer school are presented. We look ahead to students teaching at schools and working on small projects in organic companies. The event is of interest for students, organic companies, and all organic stakeholders.


  1. Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland (coordinator)
  2. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
  4. University of Kassel, Germany
  5. Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  6. ISARA-Lyon, France
  7. University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy
  8. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

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Susplus project leader: Ewa Rembiałkowska, Warsaw University of Life   Sciences, Poland, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,