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Photo: The Organic PLUS-team comprises 25 partners from 12 countries across Europe: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece,
Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


The «Organic PLUS» project was kicked off in Padova, Italy on June 14-16, 2018 by coordinator Ulrich Schmutz from Coventry University (UK). 25 partners from 12 countries cooperate to use less antibiotics, toxic plant protection agents, peat, plastic and animal-derived fertilisers. A mapping of the actual use across Europe is the initial activity.

All partners were present among the 44 participants of the kick-off meeting. Intensive networking and thourough discussions are required to achieve the best project results. During 3 days, we also enjoyed Italian hospitality and visited several producers of high quality organic food.


The project has six work packages (WP) and a separate WP on Ethics. The WPs on Livestock, Plants and Soil will map the use of contentious inputs, and look out for alternatives. In other WPs, current and possible future solutions will be assessed both from a consumers’ perspective (WP Impact), and by modelling to ensure that the phasing-out of one solution actually implies better and more sustainable alternatives (WP Model). Lots of experimental studies will be carried out, in different livestock productions and several horticultural productions such as potato, tomato, aubergine and olives.

Contentious inputs of special interest in Organic PLUS are peat, soil-covering plastic, animal derived fertilisers, copper, sulphur and mineral oil for plant protection, antibiotics, non-organic bedding material and synthetic vitamins for livestock.

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Organic cows need high-quality feed to produce high-quality milk for parmesan cheese.


A total funding of 4.1 million Euro will be received from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


Stakeholders are welcome to subscribe to the projects’ newsletter, and engage in the discussions about best methods for phasing out contentious inputs, and improve the integrity of organic agriculture.


ISOFAR board members are active in the international advisory board, and as work package leader. ISOFAR board members; Reza Ardakani (Iran), Mahesh Chander (India) and former ISOFAR president Sang Mok Sohn (S. Korea) was present as the member s of the projects’ group of international advisors as well as Marine Dorais (Canada) and Raymond Auerbach (S. Africa). An international advisory board will assure the project’s results are relevant in a global perspective. Also, Anne-Kristin Løes Treasurer (Norway) leads a work package on soil and fertility aspects, studying mainly horticultural crops.



reza ak og mahesh

From left: ISOFAR board members Reza Ardakani, Anne-Kristin Løes and Mahesh Chander visiting the organic farm “Hombre”

close to Padova, Italy during the kick-off meeting of the Organic PLUS project. In this farm, high-quality parmesan cheese is

produced from the milk of about 200 dairy cows.


Anne-Kristin Løes

ISOFAR Board Member;

Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture (NORSØK)

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