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ISOFAR board meeting held in Villa Orlandi belonged to University of Naples Federico II.

Linked to an international workshop on organic agriculture and agroecology, the ISOFAR world board met at Anacapri, Italy during June 25-26, 2018. 11 board members out of 13 were present to discuss the development of the society’s own journal, Organic Agriculture (Springer) and plan further actions.

In Italy, many scientists are active within organic farming research, with a national network GRAB-IT established in 1986. An international workshop was conducted in Ancona in 1992. GRAB-IT decided to arrange a second workshop in 2018, with beatiful Capri island close to Naples as the venue. ISOFAR supported this event, and several board members combined the meeting with an active participation in the workshop, which made it easier to find funding for our travel costs.

For the ISOFAR board meeting, the members used the first day to update each other on activities relevant for our society, e.g. the planning of upcoming events. We also discussed the development of our journal Organic Agriculture, to prepare for a meeting between members of the journal advisory board the next day with senior adviser Melania Ruiz, Springer.

The next day, the board split to discuss the journal, or upcoming scientific events arranged or supported by ISOFAR. ISOFAR is responsible for the proceedings of the 4th African Organic Conference to be arranged in Cameroon November 5-8, 2018. Further, it was agreed to establish a scientific commitee and board (steering group) for a scientific track in a national organic conference in Morocco in the autumn of 2019, and we had a broad discussion about the contents and direction of this track. Board member Khalid Azim is our contact person to this event.

Springer seems quite satisfied with the development of Organic Agriculture journal, and achieving an impact factor should be realistic in few years. A well balanced board of assocoated editors, with significant publishing records and a dedication to work for journal’s progress is essential. Furher, we need to improve with respect to visibility in social media. Board member Jessica Shade offered to manage a Twitter account on behalf of ISOFAR and the journal. ISOFAR members are welcome to use it when established– you will be notified.

springer meeting

ISOFAR – Springer: meeting with Springer senior adviser Melania Ruiz (chaired by Raffaele Zanoli).


The next vis-a-vis board meeting will likely be in Morocco in 2019.

planning of upcomming events

Planning of upcoming events: Discussion of ISOFAR contribution with 4th African Organic Conference 2018 in Cameroon (chaired by Victor Olowe) and Morocco conference 2019 (chaired by Khalid Azim).