Author: OFSP member of the steering committee: Prof. Ewa RembiaƂkowska,
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland,
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OFSP is an international program that combines theory and practical implementation. Ongoing activities include networking, research, training and capacity building, and practical implementation projects. Special events such as workshops, conferences, and round tables happen across the calendar. Outputs include publications, information brochures, websites, scientific papers, recommendations, and audio/visual media.

The OFSP is a programme on taking and further developing the organic food system as a pilot model and living laboratory for sustainable food systems. We use the organic food system as a model to understand drivers of sustainable food consumption and to link this to real-world examples of sustainable production and consumption. It is important to understand that the OFSP will use the organic food system as a kind of window for exploration but not as the exclusive solution. There are many commonalities between healthy (e.g. WHO 2014) and sustainable diets (e.g. FAO 2012); organic agriculture is not necessarily a component of achieving either of these goals, but can contribute to enhancing both and may act as a model to bridge health and sustainability.The OFSP works with proven and innovative diet models and works on food production based on latest knowledge of best practices for regenerative agriculture and nutritional quality. Partners of the OFSP have detailed knowledge of various regional diets such as Mediterranean Diet and New Nordic Diet and are connected to a vast network of organic farming practitioners and research.

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