6th International Conference on Organic Agriculture Sciences (ICOAS) in Austria, Eisenstadt, 7 – 9 November 2018. With the theme of “Dynamic Developments in Organic Research – strengthening Partnerships across Europe and beyond”. The conference was organized as a joint project by FiBL, Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH, Austrian Rural network and Austrian Ministry BMNT.


Organizers of ICOAS

Organizer of ICOAS


ICOAS brought together scientists, advisors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, associations, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders to meet and discuss latest research results and developments in organic agriculture in Central and Eastern European countries. The 200 participants from 30 countries actively discussed the latest developments in the organic sector, making Eisenstadt a hub of the organic world. On the first two days of the ICOAS, speakers from 26 countries presented a wide range of current research results on organic production, which were discussed intensively from the most diverse perspectives. Special attention were on the below topics:

  • Organic production
  • Socio-economic challenges
  • Consumers’ perspectives and expectations
  • Knowledge transfer and dissemination
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Innovations for the organic sector
  • Agricultural policy and law

Furthermore, the respective organic markets, regional marketing strategies and processes for increasing quality were examined. Innovative no-till methods were presented, as well as the latest studies on consumers’ behaviour and attitudes to organic products  throughout Europe.


Following the two-day scientific conference on November 9, Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger invited to the Organic Policy Summit. “Austria is the number one organic country – we are a model for many member states in the European Union. High-level political representatives from Austria, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic highlighted the role of organic agriculture and applied research in this area for a sustainable and sustainable agricultural system at the Organic Policy Summit.



Lunch in Esterhazy Palace



Participant of ICOAS conference: prof. Ewa Rembiałkowska,
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland,

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