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Both urban residents and farmers have shown their keen interest in the ISOFAR 2015 Organic Expo and Industry Fair, with over 1.1 million visitors to the expo - making it the most successful organic event in organic movement history. Read the closing address made by the Honorary President of ISOFAR, Prof. Dr. Sang Mok Sohn:

"Greetings. I am Dr. Sang Mok Sohn, the honorary president of ISOFAR. I am delivering this closing address on behalf of Prof. Gerold Rahmann, the co-chairman of the expo organizing committee and the current president of ISOFAR. Prof. Rahmann could not participate in this closing ceremony because of his important commitments in Africa.

ISOFAR jointly held the 1st ISOFAR 2015 Goesan International Organic Expo and Industry Fair to illuminate the organic life for modern people and to share the latest scientific research on organic agriculture with the public.

Both urban residents and farmers have shown their keen interest in the organic expo, with over 1.1 million visitors to the expo - making it the most successful organic event in organic movement history.

 ISOFAR is committed to educating citizens and promoting the benefits of organic agriculture based on scientific evidence from our research.

The organic researchers and professors who are members of ISOFAR from all over the world are devoted to conducting organic research for securing food to feed the world, providing clean water, preserving ecosystems, mitigating climate change, and realizing animal welfare and organic life for human beings.

With these goals, ISOFAR will continue to hold the international organic expo and provide its active support to citizens globally.

I thank all the people who committed their efforts for the success of this organic expo.

I would also like to now share with you the congratulatory message of the founding president of ISOFAR, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Köpke, at University of Bonn, Germany, who provided his expertise in the 10 thematic exhibition halls on the scientific basis, history, facts, and future vision of global Organic Agriculture with Prof. Sang Mok Sohn, Prof. Gerold Rahmann, and Prof. Peter von Fragstein for this organic expo:

Excellencies,Dear Governor Lee, Ladies and gentlemen,Friends of Organic Agriculture

Four years of preparatory work lie behind us. A successful and fruitful cooperation between responsible campaigners of Chungbuk province and ISOFAR have resulted in this event that has seen more than one million interested visitors.

I congratulate you Governor Lee and your staff for having realized this famous Expo that also has been acknowledged by the General Secretary of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, and the prominent political leaders of the Republic of South Korea.

It has been an honor for me to be part of the expo, as the founding president of ISOFAR and as its authorized representative for preparing 10 exhibition halls, and as a nominated Honorary Ambassador of Chungbuk province.

In the last two decades, during my several stays in your wonderful country and by welcoming numerous Korean visitors and TV teams in our Institute and on our organic experimental farm in Germany, I have come to appreciate the friendliness of my Korean friends and their enthusiastic interest in Organic Agriculture. These experiences and my friendship with my Korean colleague Prof. Sang Mok Sohn, who first raised the idea for this expo, were for me the starting point and the cornerstone for this successful ISOFAR 2015 Goesan International Organic Expo. In addition, it is the diversity and quality of organic Korean cuisine, which I consider to be the best in the world, that I believe will help to carry our mission further.

May the ISOFAR 2015 Goesan International Organic Expo become the acknowledged pivotal step for the establishment of an organic agricultural nucleus in Chungbuk province. May its growth result in a healthy evolution for all of us.

Wholeheartedly thankful, I send you my best wishes!"       


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Photos from the ISOFAR 2015 Organic Expo and Industry Fair

October 11, 2015

Prof. Dr. Sang Mok Sohn, Honorary President of ISOFAR

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Köpke, Founding President of ISOFAR

Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann, President of ISOFAR