The Organic Food System Program (OFSP) aims at developing the organic food system as a pilot model and living laboratory for sustainable food systems. The central question is how to make food systems more sustainable, which includes the concept that sustainable diets are healthy diets.


The change in consumption patterns is a crucial issue in the transformation to sustainable food systems. The OFSP will study how to change consumption patterns, and improve the nutritional quality and related health characteristics of food. The program contributes to global activities such as FAO/UNEP-SFSP and Organic 3.0 and brings together initiatives and stakeholders at international, national, regional and local levels.

Established in Berlin, Germany in October 2015, the program has currently 56 partners from 30 countries, all over the world. The program wil be launched during the Biofach event in Nuremberg, Germany on February 10, 2016.  

Contact persons are Professor Dr. Johannes Kahl at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Dr. Carola Strassner, A-verdis, Germany and Jostein Hertwig, BERAS project, Sweden. More information is found at