Membership is open to all interested agricultural researchers, research managers, postgraduate students.

If you wish to register as a member of ISOFAR please register with the registration form.

Membership Fees

Membership fees from 2014 after OWC14 (GA decision)

The annual membership fee will be reduced immediately after the GA to following amount (definition by Human Development Index: see Wikipedia „List of countries by Human Development Index“ or going for your country e.g. „Germany: HDI rank 6“):

The annual ISOFAR membership fee is

a  Very High Developed Countries   (2013: HDI rank 1 - 49)  60.00 Euro
b  High Developed Countries  (2013: HDI rank 50 - 102)  30.00 Euro
c  Medium Developed Countries  (2013: HDI rank 103 – 144)  15.00 Euro
d  Low Developed Countries  (2013: HDI rank 145 – 187  7.50 Euro
e  Students, retired and job-less members pay half of the annual fee.