General Information

The contents of ISOFAR internet pages are to be considered a free public service. They should facilitate access to public information and communicate an accurate image of the tasks, activities, plans and projects of ISOFAR. For this reason, great emphasis is placed on the accuracy, timeliness, comprehensiveness and comprehensibility of the contents published here. The contents of these pages is regularly updated.


Personal contents

The correct, timely, complete and understandable representation of published information, documents and data can not be absolutely guaranteed. While it is assumed that the information included in these pages is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate, and inclusion is carried out with great caution, in so far as regulations, official information, recommendations or other information are included, in the case of inaccuracies, only the current official version, as it is published in the designated official information channel is valid. Legal information, recommendations and information are non-binding and do not constitute a legal consultation. For this reason, the use of the contents of these pages can not take the place of a legal consultation with an attorney or accountant.


Contents of other providers

ISOFAR does not only present its own WWW offerings, but within the framework of its service offerings, also provides links or references to external contacts for which ISOFAR has absolutely no influence on the current and future structure, and on the contents of links or related WWW offerings, and thus holds no responsibility or liability for the contents of these pages. It holds no responsibility for the currency, correctness, completeness or quality information presented on external links. ISOFAR expressly distances itself from illegal contents on such pages. This observation is valid for all links or references to be found within the ISOFAR offerings.


Error messages

Users of the ISOFAR Internet pages are requested to immediately notify the appropriate office about illegal contents of other providers for whom a link is given. At the same time, users are requested to inform ISOFAR about Internet pages which are not error free, timely, complete or understandable. To contact the institute you can use this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Image rights

A duplication or use of ISOFAR images in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express written consent of the copyright holder.