INNOVATE THE AGRO-FUTURE through tailored-made ICT solutions.


The CAPSELLA Accelerator Programme is a complete innovation journey that will excite and reward those who will participate in it. 



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The aforementioned programme aims at promoting innovation for diversity-based food systems in European agriculture, supporting the development of innovative solutions and applications that utilize agriculture-related big data, solutions that create new tools for farmers and propose new business models for land data governance.


It is designed to facilitate Open Innovation in the agrifood sector, to create new technologies, applications, platforms, and processes that will allow the upgrade of tools and methods that are implemented nowadays in the ecological, biodiversity based, organic agriculture sector. This actively contributes to the provision of improved services and experiences to the CAPSELLA stakeholders and communities, and to all Europeancitizens interested in sustainably produced, tasty and nutritious food (#AgriTech #Agri-food Technology).


Participants are invited to freely choose among cutting edge CAPSELLA challenges ¤ůsing among their creativity and inspiration and with the guidance of the CAPSELLA Acceleration Programme, mentoring and training they will be encouraged to develop their own disruptive ideas that will shape the future of ecological, diversity based agri-food value chains.

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