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The International Conference on the ROLE OF LIVESTOCK IN SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE - the Pre-Conference on Organic Animal Husbandry, was organized at the National Centre of Organic Farming (NCOF), Ghaziabad, India on 6-8 November 2017.

It was linked to the 19th Organic World Congress, New Delhi from November 9-11, 2017. Over 80 participants from over 14 countries apart from over 35 students attended this conference. Mr. Otto Schmid, the Chair of IFOAM- Animal Husbandry Alliance (IAHA), from FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture), Switzerland made the introduction to the conference. The opening keynote addresses were made by Prof. Emeritius Donald M. Broom (University of Cambridge, UK), who spoke on “Sustainability: the role of animal welfare and silvopastoral systems” and Prof. Raymond Auerbach (Nelson Mandela University, South Africa), which spoke on “Integrating sustainable and organic animal husbandry with efficient resource use in Africa”.


On the second day Dr. Florian Leiber, head of the animal research group at FiBL gave a key note speech on “The sustainability dilemma in livestock feeding”.


The conference was a joint effort of the following institutions/organisations: ICAR-IVRI, FiBL, ANTHRA, NCOF, OFAI, IFOAM Organics International and IAHA. The conference sessions covered various dimensions of organic animal husbandry, which were moderated by Dr. Mahesh Chander (India), Otto Schmid (Switzerland) Nitya Ghotge (India), Angela Escosteguy (Brazil),Chris Atkinson (UK), Dr. Florian Leiber (Switzerland),Wytze Nauta (The Netherlands), Dr. Anita Idel (Germany), Bhavya Pande (India), Dr. Marc Benoit (France), Dr. Marion Johnson (New Zealand) and Merete Studnitz (Denmark). Apart from oral presentations, there were several poster presentations on diverse themes.


The papers presented (also those linked to posters), are published in a proceeding, which can be downloaded from the IAHA website:


Group discussions were organized, where recommendations for the further development and future research were formulated related to the following thematic areas:

  1. Grazing and pastoralism; 
  2. Animal health; 
  3. Animal breeding and welfare; 
  4. Boosting organic livestock production.


These recommendations were discussed in a workshop at the Organic World Congress on the 9th of November 2017. The results of all the workshops and the presentations were summarized and have been acknowledged and accepted as recommendations at the General Assembly of IFOAM Organics International General Assembly on the 13th of Nov. in New Dehli. See IAHA Website above, where also presentations of the key note speakers will also be made available . The detailed minutes of the group discussions will be published in December 2017.


Several of the conference participants also visited an organic farm- Beejom Farm in NOIDA on 6th Nov, 2017 which gave them a unique experience on the potential of medicinal plants for animal care, including the Indian ethnic food served at the farm. Ms. Nitya Ghotge gave an introduction to the use of specific medicinal plants for animals. Ms. Dr. Marion Johnson from New Zealand and Ms. Angela Escosteguy from Brazil made presentations on experiences and traditional knowledge of farmers in their countries. Their presentations can also be downloaded from IAHA Website.


Below are a collection of pictures with impressions from the IAHA-Preconference with photos from Mahesh Chander, Otto Schmid:

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