Dear members of ISOFAR,

Thank you very much that you support the actions of our scientist network ISOFAR. This is important to keep scientists informed and networked, particularly in a research area, where many of us feel alone and isolated throughout the world.

We have members from 70 countries, and we are recognized and appreciated as  the global network for Organic Agricultural Research. We became stronger in the last years (number of members  and their contributions increased significantly  with appreciative actions globally in the communication of organic agricultural research). However, on the other hand,there are too high expectations of capacities we should have had. That is not the case. As you know, all our actions are on volunteer level with minimum budget (or action with specific project grants). What we do is free of charge and we have no staff employed. I tell you this to give you a realistic clue of our work capabilities. And: that makes me proud. To have this global impact not because of a lot of resources, but with limited (no) resources is result of your volunteer work. That is great.

I like to inform you about activities we did already since November 2017, as the new board was elected (GA in Delhi for the term 2017 – 2020) and give you an outline of some ideas and actions of the coming years:

  • We are twelve elected and one co-opted board members and had two board meetings since new board elected. We feel as a strong and well constituted better:composed? Board, covering many disciplines and regions.
  • We have revised the aims and scope of our journal  “Organic Agriculture” (Springer), which is now more focusing in the system-thinking of Organic Agriculture. The journal recently implemented the publication option for “concept notes”, where we like to discuss the needs of development for the Organic Agricultural sector. We are open for the IFOAM Organic 3.0 concept (influencing and stimulating the global food and farming sector towards more sustainability, not being limited to third-party certified product chains), and we are open for ethics and agro-ecology in the scope of the basic ideas and principles of Organic Agriculture. Also, we like to have one special issue a year, as output of special events or with a special topic. (I will inform you in accordance).
  • We have extended and structured the editorial board for the Organic Agriculture journal, and prepare for ISI assessment 2019. This will hopefully give us an impact factor which will also be valid for already published papers.
  • February 2018: Contribution to the Science day at the global leading organic market fair BIOFACH in Nuremberg, Germany. • We have started to plan for the 20th  Organic World Congress 2020 in Rennes, France.
  • Additionally, we have planned following regional events (supporting of cooperative partners and / or own actions):

You see, action is done! your contribution is important and you should feel proud to be part of ISOFAR, the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research.


Regards Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann President of ISOFAR