The Welfare Institute (Instituto do Bem-Estar (IBEM)), in partnership with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, through the Study Group in Nutrition of Ruminants , of  the Zootechnics Department, promotes the course Improvement in Organic Livestock, which will occur one weekend a month from July to November 2015.


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The course aims to qualify people to act in agroecological animal production systems and, especially, in the organic animal production system and related topics.

The course has a duration of 130 hours, consisting of present theoretical and practical classes on organic farms, three webinars, and individual activities to elaborate the final project.


Program content:

Module 1: Livestock and environment; bases and principles of organic livestock; foods, certification, and market;

Module 2: Brazilian legislation on organic animal production; animal welfare;

Module 3: Handling, nutrition; accommodation, bioarchitecture, biosafety;

Module 4: Permitted therapies: homeopathy;

Module 5: Inputs and permitted therapies: bioactive and medicinal plants, and biological control.


Theoretical classes will take place in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil and practical classes will take place at surrounding organic farms.


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Angela Escosteguy
President of Welfare Institute (IBEM) , BRAZIL
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