The ISOFAR 2015 Goesan International Organic Expo + Industry Fair is the largest organic event of 2015, which aims to promote sustainable agriculture and ecological life where People live in harmony with Nature.
Goesan International Organic Expo + Industry Fair is held in Goesan County, Chungbuk Province, Republic of Korea.

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Below you find the Goesan Declaration:

ISOFAR Organic 3.0 Scientific Symposium

‘Organic 3.0: Innovation with Research’

We, the participants of the ISOFAR Organic 3.0 Scientific Symposium 'Organic 3.0: Innovation with Research' were hosted in the Republic of Korea by the Chungbuk Province and Goesan county from 20-22 September 2015.

Our objectives include revitalizing agriculture, developing modern sustainable food systems, and achieving environmentally benign community development. We share the belief
that the organic approach is an appropriate strategy to achieve these goals and to renew agriculture worldwide.
We agree to the following:

To increase our own research efforts and invite all potential stakeholders to acknowledge and embrace organic agriculture as an optimal model of sustainable agricultural development. Organic methods provide solutions that include small scale and low-income farmers and communities and enterprises interested in contributing to environmentally sound and ethical farming and food systems.

To use the scientific expertise of ISOFAR colleagues along with ISOFAR support, facilitation, and sharing to strengthen organic agriculture in Asia and worldwide in order to establish and sustain closer collaborations among countries that are developing organic agriculture. We understand that the organic agriculture models implemented in such countries must be developed in accordance with their specific agricultural conditions.

To fulfil these aims we have developed strategies under four main challenge topics:

  • Feeding the world
  • Human-induced global changes (ecology)
  • Ethical conflicts in agriculture (ethics)
  • Quality and health of food (quality)

We will publish the detailed outcomes of the 'Organic 3.0 is Innovation with Research' symposium as a paper in the ISOFAR International Journal 'Organic Agriculture' published by Springer in mid-2016. It will be the basis for the 2017 ISOFAR scientific track of the 18th IFOAM Organic World Congress.

22 September 2015, Geosan/Pulmuon Academy, RP Korea


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