isofar1-300The Italian Ministry for Agriculture (MiPAAF) is about to release a new strategic action plan for the organic food and farming sector. The plan, discussed with Italian stakeholders, will be presented to the Italian Regions in December and then officially launched.

MiPAAF has recently set up a strategic action plan for the organic food and farming sector. The document has been deeply discussed in the course of the last 6 months at national level, sharing the contents with the Italian stakeholders.
The plan, structured in ten main actions, aims to further promote the growth of the Italian organic sector in terms of both cultivated land and market value.
Action 10 is devoted to sustain innovation and research. This action is articulated in 9 main research and innovation areas, aiming to further increase competiveness and reliability of the Italian organic food and farming system. The research areas are even more ambitious as they aim to contribute to answer to the global challenges our societies face, namely food security, food waste reduction, adaption to and mitigation of climate changes, and social justice. 
Co-research and co-innovation have been identified as the key enabling conditions to project design and implementation. Similarly, agro-ecology has been acknowledged as the fundamental discipline and practice for a diverse, efficient and durable organic production.
tree300isofar   countryside
Italian pavilion and the tree of life at EXPO (Milano)    Central Italy countryside 


Stefano Canali, CREA

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